Mysore Pak

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Weight: 400 gms

400 gms
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Mysore Pak, One of the royal Indian sweets said to have originated from the city of Mysore is also called 'The melt in your mouth Indian sweet.'

We make our Mysore Pak with the best quality ingredients, containing pure desi ghee, Sugar & Gram flour and with the right skills we give it a delicately soft taste with a melt in your mouth texture.  

So, Indulge yourself in the divine taste of 'The Kamdhenu Mysore Pak' known for it's authentic Ingredients, delicious taste & fresh aroma that will make you experience heavenly taste. Order now and indulge yourself in The Kamdhenu Mishti Mysore Pak, with a taste that will make you feel happiness and joy. 

About Us :

Kamdhenu Sweets, Prayagraj. One of the renowned Indian sweet makers, famous for making quality Indian sweets, Now offers 'Kamdhenu Mishti' a brand for the market, here to make you experience divine and authentic Indian taste that will delight your taste buds with best quality ingredients.  Your one stop destination for tasty and healthy sweets. 

Indian Sweets For Gifting :

Our premium packaging and quality taste makes it perfect as a gift for your loved ones, it may be a gift for family or a gift for friends or a gift for family friends, we are your true companions to make your time with your loved ones feel special. The perfect sweet shop to make your bonds sweeter. 

Key Ingredients: 

Pure Desi Ghee, Sugar and Gram Flour

Shelf Life: 

60 days

Additional Information

400 gms

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