Indulge in the irresistible flakiness of 'The Patisa mithai'.

Indulge in the irresistible flakiness of 'The Patisa mithai'.

Patisa has been celebrated throughout India as a renowned dessert, said to have originated in the state of Maharashtra but it is loved by one and all of our great country. It is also an integral part of our culture, may it be sharing it with our loved during festivals or offering it our gods during prayers or having a dessert after our meal. The key to a good Patisa is upholding the quality. In today’s industrial era we find very few sweet makers that mould it into it’s authentic self and shape that gives it, it’s iconic shape and taste. The best Patisa is made by keeping alot in mind.



In today’s time, Patisa may be readily available in the market but instead of those sugar packed and mass industry produced blocks, we make it in a way that retains the taste and emotion of what Patisa was always suppose to be like. 

We make with balance of sweetness, flakiness and taste with the finest ingredients we can find across the country. 

Having a Patisa is an emotion and those emotions can only be experienced by an authentically made one, so try our “Kamdhenu Patisa”, we offer also offer sugar free Patisa (in a diabetic friendly sugar free sweets) and it is just as good. 

We are known for Patisa and the way we make it. Do try the real deal. 

Thank you